Final Study Leave

Wide-pan view of outside area with some students walking through, some sitting, some chatting in groups

Dear parents/carers,

All year 11 students are now on study leave and should only attend school for their remaining exams and planned intervention sessions.

Please find information below regarding arrival times, uniform and behaviour during the remaining examination period:

AM Exams:
All students who have an exam should arrive for their Breakfast Booster Session, which runs between 7.45am until 8.15am. Line ups for morning exams start at 8.20am.

PM Exams:
All students who have an exam should arrive for their Lesson 3 revision session by 11.20am. Line ups for afternoon exams start at 1.00pm.

If a student has a morning and afternoon exam, they are expected to stay in school all day. Once your child has finished their exam(s) for the day, they will be dismissed from site to return home to commence their study for any remaining exams.

Behaviour and Uniform:
It is essential that the usual high expectations of behaviour are met during the remainder of the exam period, this includes students wearing full academy uniform whenever they are onsite. Any behaviour which does not reflect the academy values may place your child’s attendance at Prom at risk.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mr J Ritchie
Vice Principal Sancho College