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Welcome to
Leigh Academy Blackheath

Where tradition meets innovation and potential is realised within a nurturing community

I am delighted to welcome you to Leigh Academy Blackheath, a place where tradition meets innovation and potential is realised within a nurturing community.  Our purposeful and multi-disciplined learning environment creates a climate where students not only acquire knowledge but also master the essential problem solving and critical skills needed to succeed and lead in the 21st century.  Our community is collaborative and, together, we ensure our students develop into powerful citizens for a digital future.

Our values of Respect, Integrity, Ambition, Scholarship and Resilience permeate everything we do and our small school, human-scale education model, delivered through a college structure, ensures the educational experience for every student is personalised.

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Our Mission

We believe that every learner is entitled to an enriching, varied and personalised education; delivered through a broad and balanced curriculum that provides challenge, irrespective of need, starting point or background.

Our commitment to maximising the potential of every child; teaching them the skills they need to be successful and nurturing a desire to be a lifelong learner, will prepare them for whichever career path they choose to follow. At Leigh Academy Blackheath we inspire our learners to go beyond what they are taught and seek what they do not yet know.

Our inclusive community has ambition and drive. We embrace challenge and collaboration. At Leigh Academy Blackheath we are a family and together we cultivate a culture of belonging.

Joining Us

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