Attendance & Punctuality

Late Detentions

Please know that, from module 4 2022-23, we will be trialling the running of late detentions during the school day (at breaktime). These will continue to be run in college areas. Rest assured, you will still be notified when your child arrives late to school. Gates will be open between 8.00 – 8.20. If your child arrives after 8.30 they will be marked as late in the register.

Reporting your Child as Absent

A reminder that there are a number of ways you can report your child as late or absent. You will find these below:

Whichever method you choose to use, do ensure you provide the following information:

  • Full name and year group of your child;
  • Reason as to why they are absent;

Please do not call or record an absence via the main reception phone line or by emailing a different member of staff separately, as this may not be picked up until later in the day.

Requesting Leave of Absence during the School Day

Applications for leave of absence must be made to the Principal. This can be done by filling out the Google Form for the relevant colleges found below

All requests must be received at least 48 hours before the leave of absence is required, unless in the case of an emergency. Requests will be referred to the Principal and you will be notified of the outcome via email.