Welcome letter: Fawcett – 9th Sept 2022

Dear Parent & Carers, 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish your child a very warm welcome back to school and celebrate an excellent first full week back to school! We hope they had a restful and exciting holiday and are ready for a productive and exciting term ahead. 

Below we have included some important information to help ensure a smooth start to the academic year 2022/23.


A reminder that, on those days when they are timetabled to have PE, students should come to school wearing their PE kit. On days where your child does not have PE, your child is expected to wear the following as per the guidance available on our website:

  • Our navy blue blazer with academy crest;
  • Steel grey classic trouser or pleated skirt;
  • White button up shirt;
  • Leigh Academy Blackheath college or founders tie;
  • Plain navy or grey socks;
  • Black leather shoes with plain laces (coloured laces are not permitted).

Mobile Phones

Please also let me take this opportunity to remind you that mobile phones are not permitted to be used on the academy site. If seen, they will be removed, and parents or carers will be called  to collect. Should a child need to contact home during the day, they can do so through the main office.

Extracurricular activities

Please note that although there were no extracurricular activities for the first week of module 1, we are extremely proud of this year’s offer and these will commence from the 12th September. We do hope your child joins as many as they wish to!

Leigh Academy Blackheath is an exceptional school, and Fawcett college is an important part of this. Indeed, last academic year, Fawcett achieved the highest attendance and secured the highest number of conduct points (merits – demerits) than any other college. This is a strong foundation that we will look to build on in the weeks and months ahead. But our primary focus remains ensuring that your child feels happy and well supported in the first few days of term. Rest assured, your child’s teachers, tutor, and indeed all of the college staff will be there to support them every step of the way, so that they can enjoy the rigorous and engaging lessons that LAB offers. 

Yours faithfully, 

Mr J Cowie
Assistant Principal
Ms G Parker
Assistant Principal