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  • Photo showing two mannequins wearing the uniform of Leigh Academy Blackheath. Blazer: Navy blue Boys/Girls Blazer with Academy Crest
  • Jumper: Navy 50/50 Cotton/Acrylic V Neck Jumper with Academy Crest
  • Trouser/Skirt: Steel grey signature classic trouser or pleated skirt (Skirts must be worn on the knee)
  • Shirt: White button up shirt
  • Tie: Leigh Academy Blackheath Founders Tie
  • Socks/Tights: Plain navy or grey
  • Shoes: Black leather shoes (Kickers’ boots are accepted). Trainers, shoes with heels or long boots are not permitted

PE Uniform

  • Sports Polo with Academy Crest
  • Sports Shorts/Skort or tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy Sports Socks
  • PE Bag with Academy Crest (Optional)
  • Trainers(Plimsolls or Converse-style canvas shoes are not appropriate and not permitted)

PE uniform is compulsory and should be brought to every PE lesson.

Please click here to purchase our Academy Uniform from our on-line supplier.

Photo of the Physical Education uniform for Leigh Academy Blackheath.


Leigh Academy Blackheath is split into three separate colleges which will be named by our founding year 7 students during our first year. The three colleges will be identified by their unique college colour of either red, turquoise or green. Blazers will have embroidered academy shields on the breast pocket, with each college having a different colour surround dependant on membership of each college family.

Three Leigh Academy Blackheath logos are shown, each with a different colour. Yellow, turquoise and red.
Photo of the Leigh Academy Blackheath student tie.

The founders tie will only be available to our first cohort of year 7 students. From September 2019 students will wear a solid colour college tie embroidered with their college shield.