Year 10 Work Experience letter

Two students talking to a member of staff in a reception area

Work experience (WEX) is an important part of our students’ school life. It offers a unique insight into the  world of work and it gives students the opportunity to know how it feels to work alongside adults; how people  work together and how objectives are achieved in the world of work. We believe it is an invaluable  experience, where students will learn many new skills as well as make contacts that may prove useful in  pursuit of employment later in life. This year, our year 10 students will join their placements from the 10th July – 21st July, 2023. 

Work Experience does not necessarily have to link to each students’ career aspirations, as many young people  do not know which career path they may take in the future; however, it does provide them with the  opportunity to develop transferable skills: such as communicating in a formal environment; working  alongside a range of professionals; understanding different types of roles, as well as meeting deadlines and  responding to direction in an unfamiliar setting. 

How can we find a placement? 

All students are encouraged to find their own placements. Students tend to enjoy and get more out of their  placement if they find the placement themselves. The most successful way of securing a placement is usually  through contacts with family and friends. You might also consider asking local businesses directly. Many  places of work are used to offering work experience placements and are happy to accommodate students.  Remember to talk to lots of different people to get ideas. For example: you may wish to speak to your tutor,  teachers and support staff to obtain advice and guidance. Please note: placements must be secured by 21st  April, 2023.  

The academy has invested in the work experience placement tool which is part of Unifrog: a platform  students already make use of as part of their careers programme during tutor time. In the upcoming weeks,  students will take part in sessions on how to upload work experience placements to their Unifrog accounts.  Once your child has uploaded their placement to Unifrog, the employer will need to complete their section.  This will include key information, such as duties and responsibilities your child will be engaging with.  Employers will also upload the relevant employers’ liability insurance and risk assessment. Once all of his has  been completed, an email will be sent to you as parent[s] and carer[s] to give your consent for the work  placement to go ahead. 

Unsure of what careers your child is interested in? 

Students should use their school Unifrog account to research a range of career ideas. They can also explore  a range of careers on websites such as:  

How will I know my child will be safe? 

All work experience placements are quality assured to ensure they have employer liability insurance, as well  as an up to date health & safety policy, a risk assessment. In addition, where necessary, a member of the  academy staff will visit the premises prior to agreeing the work experience placement to ensure this is a safe  environment for students. 

What will my child do whilst on placement? 

Many of the actual tasks students will be given are likely to be fairly routine, as organisations cannot risk  letting a work experience student, without any training, do work which could have more serious  consequences if not done correctly.  

However, a lot can be learned from observing, assisting or just communicating in the work environment.  Students are expected to keep a log of their experiences. This will include reviewing their own work, what  the organisation did and any skills they may have used. Said diary can then be used as a good talking point  for future interviews.  

When we find a placement what do I need to do? 

Please collate the following employer information and make sure your child has a record of this on their  Unifrog account:  

  • Company Name 
  • Company Contact Name 
  • Contact Number  
  • Email Address (please ensure this is clear and correct) 
  • Parent Email address (please ensure this is clear and correct) 

Ms R Garcia | Assistant Principal – Work Experience Coordinator