Home Academy Contract Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Building a strong working partnership between home and the academy has always been a priority for us at LAB.  Our small school structure plays a key part in developing these partnerships, as do events such as consultation evenings and the Parents’ Forum.  It has been fantastic to once again host these regular events onsite, and engage with families face to face following so much disruption in recent years.

We are committed to maintaining and raising high standards of work, behaviour and attitude, and delivering high quality education to all of our students. In return all students and their parents are expected to observe the Academy’s expectations, standards and routines.  The Home/ Academy contract provides a framework for all stakeholders to use when engaging with each other, and provides additional support for building those strong working partnerships between the academy and home.

We regularly review all of our processes and procedures to ensure they meet the needs of our growing community, and as a result we have made a few adjustments to the Academy/ Home contract.  Please do read the amended version attached, and if you have any concerns, comments or questions, register your request here and a member of your college team will contact you to discuss.  If you do not register a request by Friday 20th January 2023, we will assume you are in agreement with the amended version.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs E Smith 


View the amended contract here