Year 10 – Mock Exams

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Dear Parent(s) and Carer(s),

I am writing to remind you that our first set of mock exams for year 10 students will be starting on 17th of June. There is no change to the start time or format of the academy day, and any student without a scheduled exam on the published timetable will be required to attend their normal lessons.

The grades achieved in this set of mock exams are particularly important as they are commonly used to generate final forecast grades included in applications to LAB16, Colleges, Sixth Forms or Apprenticeship applications. In addition, outcomes from this set of mock exams provide valuable insights for students and teachers on areas of strength and those requiring development ahead of the start of year 11.

Please remind your child of the importance of using effective revision techniques. This requires that they use retrieval practice – testing themselves to see how much they can remember. This could be done by either practising past exam questions and then checking the mark schemes, or by testing themselves using flashcards, for example.

I have attached with this letter a copy of the Y10 mock exam timetable, so that you know when your child’s exams are, and what they need to focus on before each exam. This timetable can also be found on our Revision Site, which you can access from the front page of our website. The Revision Site contains multiple revision resources to help students prepare effectively, as well as practical advice on student wellbeing during their exams. Students should also use their Google Classrooms for each subject, as well as notes recorded in their exercise books.

Thank you for your support in this regard. 

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Smith | Assistant Principal – Sancho College

Year 10 Mock Examination Timetable