Year 11 Mock Exams Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to remind you that our first set of Year 11 mock exams will be starting on Monday 4th December and will continue for two weeks until the end of Module 2. Students should arrive at the academy at the usual time and if they do not have an exam in a particular slot, they will be expected to go to their usual classrooms, where they can revise.

Although these are mock exams, they are particularly important as they will form the basis for any predicted grades that are sent to colleges and Sixth Forms, and will be used to help make decisions around offers. In addition, it is important for students to do their best, not only so that they can see the progress that they are making, but also to get feedback on what they need to work on to achieve the results they deserve next summer.

Please remind your child of the importance of using effective revision techniques, as per our tutor time Science of Learning programme. This requires that they use retrieval practice – testing themselves to see how much they can remember. This could be done by either practising past exam questions and then checking the mark schemes, or by testing themselves using flashcards, for example.

I have attached with this letter a copy of the Y11 mock exam timetable, so that you are aware of when their exams are and what they need to be preparing for each night. This timetable is also on our Revision Site, which you can access from our website. The Revision Site contains multiple revision resources to help students prepare effectively, as do all of our Google Classrooms.

Finally, it’s been fantastic to see the increased effort our students have put in over the course of this module, with lots of interventions and additional support being put in place, and I’m excited to see the fruit of their labour when the mock results come in in January.

Thank you for your support in this regard.

Yours faithfully,
Mr J Powell | Vice Principal – Sancho College

Year 11 Mock Exams Timetable December 2023

Week 1 – week beginning 4th December

Monday 4th December

Maths (Non-calculator)
AM Session – 1hr 30mins

Spanish (Writing)
PM Session – F: 1hr 5mins / H: 1hr 20mins

Tuesday 5th December

English Lit (Paper 1)
AM Session – 1hr 45mins

Maths (Calculator)
PM Session – 1hr 30mins

Wednesday 6th December

AM & PM Sessions – All day

Thursday 7th December

Science (Paper 1)
AM Session – Com: 1hr 15mins / Sep: 1hr 45mins

History & Geography
PM Session – Hist: 1hr 45mins / Geo: 1hr 30mins

Friday 8th December

Option 1 Subjects
AM Session

Option 2 Subjects
PM Session

Week 2 – week beginning 11th December

Monday 11th December

Science Paper 2
AM Session – Com: 1hr 15mins / Sep: 1hr 45mins

Spanish (Reading & Listening)
PM Session – F listening: 35mins & F reading: 45mins / H listening: 45mins & H reading: 1hr

Tuesday 12th December

English Lit (Paper 2)
AM Session – 2hr 15mins 

Science (Paper 3)
PM Session – Com: 1hr 15mins / Sep: 1hr 45mins

Wednesday 13th December

Fine Art
AM & PM Sessions – All day

Thursday 14th December

English Language
AM Session – 1hr 45mins

Computer Science (Paper 2)
PM Session – 1hr 30mins

Friday 15th December

Maths (Calculator)
AM Session – 1hr 30mins

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