Plans for Wednesday

Dear Parents/Carers,

Below you will find arrangements for your child on Wednesday 1st February 2023, when the National Education Union (NEU) has declared strike action.

We will be providing onsite lessons for all students in Year 11.

Vulnerable students and the children of key workers should attend school in person.

If you have not been contacted by your child’s college, your child should be working remotely, as per the below:

  • Students are expected to follow their timetable by logging into the appropriate Google Classroom for the lessons they would ordinarily be taught were they onsite.
  • Teachers who are onsite will be available throughout the lesson to respond to any questions raised.

In the event that your child logs onto their Google classroom and there are no instructions provided (because that lesson was due to be taught by a member of staff that is striking [we will not know until the morning so are unable to plan for this]), your child should log into their tutor classroom where they will find link[s] to complete tasks set on either touch typing (if in Years 7-9) or idea (if in Year 10).

Please note the Year 10 Science assessment that was due to take place on Wednesday will now occur on Friday afternoon.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs E Smith
Leigh Academy Blackheath