Key Stage 4 Module 4 Report (2022-23)

Below are descriptions of what is contained on your child’s report.

End of Y11 Target Grade

This is your child’s end of Y11 GCSE Target grade based on KS2 prior attainment.

Mock Grade

Indicates the grade your child is achieved in the most recent round of Mock assessments at the end of Module 2.

Forecast Grade

These are predictions of the grade a student is likely to score at GCSE based on their most recent subject assessment. All projections are checked, and where necessary adjusted, by staff to ensure that they accurately represent each student’s performance.


As you will know, our values – of respect, integrity, ambition, scholarship and resilience – are integral to all we do here at Leigh Academy Blackheath. We expect our students to live these, each day, in the corridors and across classrooms. This is why your child’s behaviour and attitude in relation to the values will be reported in each subject area. Each of these values have been graded by all of your child’s subject teachers.

How each of our values should be seen regularly in the way your child conducts themself in our Academy.

  • Do they listen intently and actively to their teacher and peers, without prompting?
  • Do they work effectively and willingly with others?
  • Do they demonstrate a commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and to the environment?
  • Do they act with a strong sense of fairness and respect for the dignity of the individual?
  • Are they principled and articulate in defending their beliefs?
  • Do they seek and evaluate various points of view, and show a willingness to grow from the experience?
  • Do they give their best effort during extended independent activity?
  • Do they take creative risks during discussion and independent study?
  • Do they approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with boldness and the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies?
  • Do they produce well-presented work representative of the best of their current academic ability?
  • Do they demonstrate a thirst for learning through insightful questions and further reading?
  • Do they actively engage with learning?
  • Do they persevere in the face of challenge?
  • Are they able to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development?
  • Do they respond positively to feedback, reflecting on their mistakes and viewing these as opportunities to grow?

Behaviour and attitude indicators used to grade the values in each subject

Displayed instinctively (as part of their character)

Displayed with increasing consistency (improving, but reliant on extrinsic motivation)

Displayed inconsistently (compliant, but requires prompting from the teachers)

Displayed Rarely (student displays poor habits which restrict progress)

Supporting your child

All assessments that your child completes are hole punched and in the back of their subject exercise books. This is the best resource to use when supporting your child in closing any gaps in their knowledge. This will also be accompanied by a Progress Tracker that is completed in conjunction with their classroom teacher. Feedback will have been given and areas of improvement highlighted.

Throughout your child’s book, there will also be ‘Crib Sheets’ that include feedback on topics that have just been completed. If you have any questions about how to support your child, please contact their classroom teacher.

Blank target grade

If your child does not have a target grade, this is due to this information not being available from their previous school at the time of the report.