Year 12 Module 5 Reports

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Dear Parent & Carers, 

Year 12 Module 5 reports 

Module 5 reports are now available to view on your child’s My Child at School app. For each of their subjects, your child will receive two grades:

The first grade is the grade they achieved in the recent mock examinations. If your child is following the IB Diploma Programme, this will consist of grades from 1-7 for each of their six Diploma subjects; if your child is following the Careers-related Programme, this will consist of a grade from Pass to Distinction for their BTEC course and grades from 1-7 for each of their two Diploma subjects.

The second grade is their teacher’s forecast for their eventual grade in each subject. This grade will also be from 1-7 for Diploma programme subjects and Pass-Distinction for BTEC subjects. Forecasts are made by staff using the mock examination grade as a starting point, but also taking into account internal assessments and coursework already completed and to be completed, as well as the student’s capacity for improvement over the next year.

Each student also has a target grade – this is derived from their achievement at GCSE. There are further teacher comments on students’ attitudes to learning both inside and outside the classroom – independent study is vital at this stage, and students are expected to dedicate time to deepening and broadening their understanding independently.

The period between the mock examinations and the end of the academic year is very busy for Year 12. Your child may be completing work in a number of different areas:

  • Internal assessments
  • The Diploma Programme TOK exhibition
  • The first draft of their Diploma Programme Extended Essay
  • Personal statements for UCAS 
  • The Careers-related Programme Reflective Project

In order to support your child during this busy period.

  • Encourage them to set and stick to a study timetable
  • Ensure that they are aware of all forthcoming deadlines and prioritise work accordingly
  • Encourage them to speak to subject teachers and advisors well in advance of any potential problems
  • Discuss your child’s Extended Essay/ Reflective Project topic with them, and follow up on their progress
  • If you feel confident, proof read their Extended Essay or Reflective Project
  • Plan to visit or at least thoroughly research any universities and courses they intend to apply for

More information on the various programmes and an opportunity to speak to your child’s subject teachers  will be available on Year 12 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 6th June.

Yours faithfully,

Mr D Vaughan | Assistant Principal, LAB16