Personal Development Newsletter Modules 3 and 4

Two students talking to a member of staff in a reception area

Our form time PD curriculum continues to support LAB students to stay healthy, safe and prepared for life by informing students about a range of topics, ranging from relationships, money, personal health and drug awareness. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the Module 3 and Module 4 focus areas below.

Last module (M3)

  • Year 7 – Looked at how to challenge prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination, as well as bullying and how to support those that may be being bullied.
  • Year 8 – Discrimination in all its forms, including: racism, religious discrimination, disability, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.
  • Year 9 – Healthy lifestyle and the relationship between physical health and mental health. Students looked at making informed healthy eating choices, as well as body image and the impact/effect this can have on someone’s mental health.
  • Year 10 – Looked at healthy relationships and also topics such as sexual gender, consent, controlling behaviours and victim blaming, asexuality and abstinence. 
  • Year 11 – Looked at gender identity, orientation and expression as well as relationship values.
  • LGBT+ History Month was also celebrated in Module 3, and two assemblies were delivered to colleges focusing on LGBT+ history, and the month’s yearly theme for 2024 of Medicine and Healthcare.

This module (M4)

  • Year 7 – Health and puberty: how to make healthy lifestyle choices including diet, dental health, physical activity and sleep.
  • Year 8 – Mental health and emotional wellbeing, including body image and coping strategies.
  • Year 9 – Respectful relationships: Families and parenting, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and relationship changes.
  • Year 10 – Exploring influence: The influence and impact of drugs, gangs, role models and the media.
  • Year 11 – GCSE core revision, and the Unifrog Careers programme.
  • Ramadan is also a key event in this module expected to begin in the evening on Sunday, March 10, 2024 and end on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. We are planning to deliver college assemblies on the week beginning Monday, March 11 2024, and are hopeful that these will be delivered by students who can not only share their experiences, but also educate those who know less about this month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community.