What will I learn?

Through studying this course, you will develop the following skills, knowledge and approaches:

  • The use of formal elements;
  • Observational drawing;
  • Experimentation of 2D, 3D and digital materials;
  • Selecting of appropriate materials, techniques and process;
  • Refinement of work including use of imagery and contextual factors, ideas generation, selection, refinement and development;
  • Visual analysis (deconstructing art and design work through formal elements, visual language and communication);
  • Researching using primary and secondary sources;
  • Reviewing your own body of work.

What is the structure of the course?

Units Studied

  • Visual Recording and Communication
  • Critical and contextual studies and design
  • Developing and realising creative intentions
  • The Creative Process
  • Materials, Techniques and Processes in Art and Design
  • Developing an Art and Design Portfolio
  • Plus two options from:
    Photography, Interactive Design, Fine Arts, Graphics, 3D Design, Textiles, Fashion, Design Craft

How will I be assessed?



Externally assessed tasks and performance

3 out of 8

Internally assessed tasks and performance

5 out of 8

All assessments are responding to a task or brief set in advance, through a single written piece of work, a research project or development of an art/ design project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which further opportunities are available?
The course enables students to develop the skills and knowledge required to help them specialise in fashion, graphic design, textiles/surface-pattern design, 3D design or fine art, as well as specialisms including photography and computer based design. Each year some students progress onto degree courses such as Fashion and Design, while others elect to go directly into employment.