Complaints Procedure

The aim of Leigh Academy Blackheath’s complaints procedure is to ensure that complaints relating to the Academy are handled in a timely and professional manner.

Initial Concerns

Leigh Academy Blackheath always try to work alongside parents, carers and other relevant parties to ensure that all stakeholders are fully satisfied with the policy, practice and service that the academy provides for our young people. We appreciate that occasionally there may be specific aspects that you may wish to discuss further or that you are dissatisfied with. In order to work collaboratively with you, we ask that you contact the academy in the first instance to discuss your concerns. We will endeavour to provide an initial response within 3 working days. Please direct your question or concern in the following order:

  1. Form/Class Teacher:
Tutor Group Tutor (s)
FCHR Ms Harper
SOHS Mr Hughes
AFNR Mr Noor
FAES Ms Evans
SENE Mr Natufe
AIWT Ms West
FKCK Ms Clark/Ms Askew
SJTT Mr Tebbutt
AEEY Ms Endersby
FCNN Ms Newton
SCST Ms Stewart
ALHT Ms Hunt
FHMN Ms Moran
SFOU Ms Ofari-Boadu
AMCS Ms Collins-Jones
FNCH Ms Cameron-Smith
Ms Westall
AAGH Ms Gough

A – Airy College
F – Fawcett College
S – Sancho College

  1. Director of Learning (English): Dan Morrison
  2. Director of Learning (Maths): Patrick Ainsworth
  3. Director of Learning (Science): James Cowie
  4. Director of Learning (Individuals and Societies): Rudi Oelschlagel
  5. Director of Learning (Language Acquisition): Rocio Garcia
  6. Vice Principal Airy: Carina Lindars
  7. Vice Principal Fawcett: Elizabeth Nuttall
  8. Vice Principal Sancho: Dan Morrison
  9. Principal: Emma Smith

Formal Complaints

Should you have a complaint, please contact the Principal in the first instance.

If you deem your complaint to still be unresolved after the academy has responded, please submit a formal complaint to the Trust’s Academies Director.