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If you have any questions, please email us at: admissions@leighacademyblackheath.org.uk and we will be happy to answer these for you. Please be aware that you may not receive a direct response, but we will post as many responses as possible on this page. 


Do you have sets for classes? For which subjects and from which year?

We currently have mixed ability groups in all year groups and curriculum areas.  We will have sets in certain curriculum areas at KS4, such as maths and science.

How many Year 7 classes will you have next academic year

We take 180 year 7 students each year split into 6 groups of 30 students.

When do students choose their GCSE subjects

Students choose their options in year 9 and start their GCSE courses in year 10 at the start of KS4

Are students able to take exams in Year 10

Student will take their GCSE exams in year 11.

Can students take extra GCSE subjects, for example another language?

We do have the opportunity for students to take a GCSE in their heritage language.

What are your expectations in terms of homework?

Homework is set in all curriculum areas for all year groups, and students are expected to read for 30 minutes at home daily.Homework is recorded using our online diary and can be monitored by parents and carers.

Distance of your last offer for this academic year?

Excluding siblings the furthest distance offer made for the 2020-21 year 7 cohort was 1.2 miles.

Where do children go for their PE lessons

PE lessons are delivered on site using our multi use games area (MUGA), sports hall or activitiy studio.We also use the rugby pitch and field at Blackheath Sports Club, Rectory Fields.