Small School Structure

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At LAB, every child is known and their well-being is placed center stage.

We operate a ‘schools within schools’ model, and our academy is divided into three colleges: Sancho, Fawcett and Airy.  Each college is led by a Head of College: an academy Vice Principal who is supported by their own pastoral, academic and administrative team.  For parents and carers, this structure ensures that you are able to gain access to the actual adults who work with your children on a daily basis and this supports stronger working partnerships between the academy and home. 

Each college is fully comprehensive and, when we reach full capacity, will include 300 students.

Tracking progress, identifying barriers to learning and building the strong relationships we value so much between school and home is much easier within said college model, and the benefits felt by all stakeholders are easy to discern.

Our inclusion team works across all colleges to provide bespoke support for our students with special educational needs.  We have access to our own Trust Ed Psychs and can draw upon the expertise of our highly skilled SEND professionals to meet the needs of all students.