Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Our KS4 curriculum is built on the aforementioned principles – of international mindedness and conceptual understanding – which, in accordance with the IBMYP, we have embedded at KS3. It is for this reason that, excepting those few cases where doing so would unfairly disadvantage students’ chances to achieve elsewhere, the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is studied by all in KS4 at LAB. This means that, in addition to the ‘core’ subjects (of Language and Literature, Maths and Science), students select an Individuals & Societies subject (Geography or History) and an additional language (Spanish). The EBacc offers our students access to greater opportunities in further education, and the full range of employment options when they leave secondary school. It also ensures students are not narrowing their options too early.

KS4 – Implementation 

At KS4, in addition to the EBacc, our year 9 students presently have the option of choosing any two of the following subjects: Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, Fine Art, Music, Photography, Physical Education, Religious Studies and Separate Science. This streamlined offering builds on the subjects students have studied at KS3, therefore encouraging greater depth of understanding; whilst also ensuring consistency of high-quality provision across both key stages (a broader options package is something we intend to explore in future years, as Covid-19 based restrictions lift and allow for more rigorous recruitment of KS4 subject specialists). 

Across both Key Stages, LAB places great importance on the development of reading skills and has a 1 hour daily reading expectation for all students. This includes 5 minute silent reading at the start of every lesson, with progress monitored and tracked through the Accelerated Reader programme. Students who are not secondary ready when they join the academy undertake a programme of additional learning opportunities to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Please note we are finalising the sequencing of our KS4 curriculum such that it contains the detail and specificity of our KS3 curriculum. This will be available on our website shortly.