Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our KS3 curriculum is three years in length and delivered through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) framework. This grants us the freedom to be outward facing in our selection of curriculum content; it also encourages conceptual understanding, by connecting students’ prior learning to current content; finally, it provides a criterion-referenced assessment framework, which means students’ work is evaluated against the curriculum (rather than the work of their peers) to identify strengths and misconceptions.


At KS3, our taught curriculum is delivered in one hour blocks, with 24 lessons per week.  Students study the full range of National Curriculum subjects at Key Stage 3, including: Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Language Acquisition (Spanish), Individuals and Societies (Geography, History and RE), the Arts (Art, Drama and Music), Design (DT and Computing) and Physical Education.  Learning is supported by a weekly lesson entitled LAB Learner, which supports the IBMYP approaches to learning, SMSC and PSHE tutor time curriculum.

Across both Key Stages, LAB places great importance on the development of reading skills and has a 1 hour daily reading expectation for all students. This includes 5 minute silent reading at the start of every lesson, with progress monitored and tracked through the Accelerated Reader programme. Students who are not secondary ready when they join the academy undertake a programme of additional learning opportunities to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

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*In accordance with the values of the MYP, ‘Lab Learner’ is a curriculum designed to teach students metacognition and character-formation for the purpose of effective independent study and informed moral choices. We are revising this presently. 

MYP Assessment Overview 2021-22

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