Summer Community Safety Letter from Royal Borough of Greenwich Council

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The following is a letter regarding community safety over the summer months from Royal Borough of Greenwich Council.

Dear Parents and carers

There is so much to be proud of and to enjoy in our borough: from our hundreds of beautiful green spaces, world famous heritage sights and vibrant Town Centres. For the majority of our young people in the borough, these are safe and enjoyable spaces. However, we are sure many of you are aware of the recent incidents of violent disorder in Woolwich Town Centre and Thamesmead area. We understand that these will have caused significant alarm and distress to the local community and to anyone who was present and witnessed these incidents.

The police have made several arrests for those involved in this disorder and police investigations remain ongoing. The Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Metropolitan Police Service continue to work in partnership to prevent and reduce violent disorder in these areas.

We want young people to enjoy the outdoors and we respect their freedom. However, we do not want a repeat of the disorder that has occurred or for local communities to be impacted by this behaviour.

Could you please provide your children with the following safety advice for when they are out and about in the community:

  1. Do not become a spectator in any fights or violent incidents, move away and report it to the police. When crowds gather it makes it harder for offenders to be identified from CCTV and mobile phone footage.
  2. Look after your friends. Stick together and discourage them from getting involved in any fights or disputes that might get out of hand. Walk away if you need to and if you are worried, tell an adult.
  3. If you suspect someone is carrying a knife or a weapon discretely, report it to the police by dialling 999. This is not being a ‘grass’. It could save someone’s life.
  4. If you do need a place of safety, help or support, please go to your nearest Safehaven Superhub. Further information can be found here – Find a safe space near you | Safehaven Superhubs | Royal Borough of Greenwich (

As the school holidays are soon to begin, we would like everyone to be able to enjoy the summer months, safely and respectfully. The best way for your child to stay safe is to avoid being involved or present in any violence or disorder.

We will continue to take robust action against individuals who commit violence and other crime and disorder in the borough. This includes:

  • Being banned from certain stores in the shopping centre
  • Revocation of TfL Zip card (Oyster) for children aged 11-15 leading to an end of free and discounted travel on all TfL transport services.
  • Court Orders
  • Criminal proceedings

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If you are worried about your child or someone else involved in violence and would like further information on support services available, please find here:

Florence Kroll | Director of Children’s Services & Sergeant Geoff Warren | Greenwich Safer Schools Team, Plumstead Police Station