A group of female students talking sat on a wooden area in a courtyard laughing.

Dear Parents/Carers,

At Leigh Academy Blackheath (LAB), we are incredibly proud of the conduct of our students and the high expectations staff have for them.

Students and staff have worked together to embed a culture for learning that is grounded in respect and integrity. Those who visit LAB, whether from other schools or industries, reliably comment on how calm our academy is, and how courteous our students are.

Because of this, LAB is a place where students can learn and teachers can teach in a climate of ambition and scholarship. This has remained unaffected by a global pandemic, and is one of the many characteristics that sets LAB apart from other schools where, sadly, students’ learning is too often disrupted.

That said, recently, a small number of students have been found on the academy corridors during lesson time. There are measures in place to allow for this where appropriate; hall and timeout passes are issued by staff to students who have a valid reason to be out of lessons.

Where being out of lesson has not been authorised by staff, it constitutes truancy. This poses a safeguarding concern. It also takes up a significant amount of staff time and means that these students are not learning.

Going forward, please be aware that any student out of lesson without a valid hall pass or timeout pass who does not immediately return to their timetabled lesson upon request, will be issued with a 1 day suspension. All students will be informed of this in assemblies throughout the week.

Yours faithfully,

Mr D. Morrison
Acting Head of Fawcett College, Vice Principal