Warmer Weather

Dear Parent[s] and Carer[s],

As we begin the final module of this academic year, I would like to begin by congratulating our year 10 students on their approach to this round of assessments. They have conducted themselves throughout with respect, ambition and scholarship, and are well prepared to represent LAB during our first round of formal examinations next Summer.

However, as the weather changes and temperatures increase, we felt it useful to remind all about our expectations relating to uniform.

As per the guidance available on our website, students are expected to wear the following:

  • Our navy blue blazer with academy crest;
  • Steel grey classic trouser or knee length grey shorts or pleated skirt;
  • White button up shirt;
  • Leigh Academy Blackheath college or founders tie;
  • Plain navy or grey socks;
  • Black leather shoes with plain laces (coloured laces are not permitted).

Please note that for this module only, due to the summer weather, we do not require students to wear their jumpers to school.

You may also recall that, as part of their equipment this year, we have asked your child to bring in a water bottle. This is especially important as temperatures increase. Your child may also wish to bring sunscreen to school to protect themselves from the risk of sunburn.

Please let us take this opportunity to remind you that water pistols are not permitted to be brought on to the academy site. If seen, they will be confiscated, and parents or carers will be called  to collect.

Finally, please know that of late, students from a number of schools appear to be congregating at Blackheath village roundabout at the end of the day. We would ask that, in the interests of safety, if your child makes their way home via the Standard, they do not linger here. Although our staff are present here from 15:00, we are unable to supervise students for extended periods of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss these matters further. Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D. Morrison | Vice Principal
Mr J. Cowie | Assistant Principal