Year 10 End of Year Assessments in Module 6 – 19th May 2022

Two students talking to a member of staff in a reception area

Dear Parents and Carers,

The end of year graded assessments in Year 10 will take place from Monday 13th June until Friday 24th June, 2022. For this round of assessments, all subject assessments will be sat in the Theatre and Drama Studio. This builds on the previous core subject assessments that successfully took place in February, where all students’ conduct was exceptional.

Sitting assessments in the exact format that will be required at the end of Y11 will assist your child develop essential exam techniques and reduce stress when live exams are sat.

Here is some key information about the structure of the two week assessment window:

  • Students will attend only the assessments of the subjects that they study;
  • When not sitting assessments, students will attend their normal timetabled lessons;
  • All assessments will finish before the school day ends, except Photography and Fine Art (these will finish at 3pm on their respective Wednesday);
  • The full timetable of the assessment window can be seen on the next page.

To assist parents/carers, here is a reminder of general revision tips that that will support with productive revision at home:

  • Finding a quiet place that is free from distractions (mobile phone, TV, laptop, games console, etc) will help your child to focus;
  • Small amounts of regular revision are better than large sessions. Creating a simple timetable may help organise their time;
  • Taking breaks are essential for productivity, energy levels and focus. Taking a 15 minute break for each one hour revision session will help in this regard;
  • Google Classrooms are an excellent resource base that students can use to relearn content that they need to develop. Subject revision websites are also listed later.

Finally, we thank you in advance for ensuring that your child arrives on time for each examination with the correct equipment as outlined in our Academy equipment list.

Best wishes,

Mr J Ritchie
Vice Principal
Head of Data and Assessment

Year 10 Assessment timetable

Subject Specific Key Revision Websites.


Revision resource/website


Any resources to support your idea development and experimentation (exam preparation) can be found on the Google Classroom. Code: ddgm2ud





Religious Studies





  • Google Classroom: all lesson resources and Knowledge Organisers
  • Quizlet: flashcards and games to revise your Knowledge Organisers
  • Language nut: key language in context in a range of reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks.

D & T


Any resources to support your idea development and experimentation (exam prep) can be found on the Google Classroom. Code: pxjqff6