Fawcett College Update – 11th Mar 2022

Two students talking to a member of staff in a reception area

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now over halfway through the academic year and, as ever, there is lots happening across the college! As acting head of Fawcett, I wanted to update you on all that is going on: including key upcoming dates, ongoing expectations around uniform, and the hugely positive impact of our newly formed student government.

Key Dates:

Yesterday evening, we invited our year 8 parents and carers to our very first consultation event in our permanent building; next Wednesday, we will host our year 9 Options event and, in the final week of term (on Wednesday 30th March), we will invite our year 7 parents and carers to their first consultation event since joining LAB! We have also been busy sifting through the written applications of our year 10 prospective prefects, as well as putting them through their paces by conducting rigorous interviews: the results of which will be announced next week!


Throughout the module, we will continue to ensure that our high standards are sustained across the college, and have placed a particular emphasis this month on uniform.  We felt it might be useful, therefore, to take this opportunity to remind parents and carers about our expectations relating to uniform to avoid any confusion.

As per the guidance available on our website, students are expected to wear the following:

  • Our navy blue blazer with academy crest;
  • Steel grey classic trouser or pleated skirt;
  • White button up shirt;
  • Leigh Academy Blackheath college or founders tie;
  • Plain navy or grey socks;
  • Black leather shoes with plain laces (coloured laces are not permitted);

Please also note that students can wear studded earrings, but the following is not permitted: excessive jewellery, brightly coloured hair, nail varnish, nail extensions, false eyelashes and thick make-up.

We do issue sanctions if students are not in the correct uniform, as we believe that students should develop habits of dressing smartly when it is appropriate to do so. This also shows respect for our school community. Please know that we do also issue merits where our standards are consistently met because we wish to encourage said habits.

Student government

In order to support the above, I am pleased to inform you that our student government has recently set up a uniform shop onsite, from which you may purchase second-hand clothing at a reduced price (via ParentPay). You may also wish to donate clothing to this cause. Said shop will be running at all onsite events for parents and carers this academic year. Indeed, during our recent year 8 parents’ and carers’ consultation evening, we raised almost £200, which will be donated to the British Red Cross to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


Finally, in response to our recent Parents’ and Carers’ survey, please note that we have made some changes to our website such that you can access detailed information regarding the contents of both our KS3 and KS4 curriculum more easily. Please do take the time to visit here for more information.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our parents and carers, for supporting the values of both Fawcett college and the wider academy. The overwhelming majority of our students arrive every day looking smart in their full uniform, ready and fully equipped to learn, with highly respectful attitudes. They are a joy to both teach and interact with.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D. Morrison
Vice Principal – Fawcett College