Online safety and Acceptable Use – 17th December 2021

A student learning by doing schoolwork at home using a computer.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Understanding how to stay safe online is of huge importance for all young people, and at LAB it is one of our top priorities.  You will all be aware that we have invested in an online resource for all members of our community, including parents and carers, called National Online Safety – NOS.  If you have not yet signed up and accessed the wide range of videos and resources, we urge you to do so by using the following link, here

We encourage you to review the resources as a family over the holiday, and have identified below a number of courses and guides which you may find of interest:

Students have been reviewing the academy’s acceptable use policy for this module, and we ask that you review the Parent/ Carer Acceptable Use Policy, found here, over the break.

As we approach the start of 2022, it is unclear if the academy will have to switch to any period of remote learning for individuals, groups or the entire academy community over coming months.  As you know, our 1 to 1 chromebook scheme has been hugely successful in ensuring our students have had access to learning whilst away from the academy.  Please ensure your child looks after their device appropriately and that any damage is reported to the academy swiftly to reduce any lost learning time.

Thanks in advance. 

Best Wishes, 

E Smith