End of Term – Airy College

Dear Parent & Carers, 

It did not seem long ago that I was writing to you to welcome our student back to the start of the new school year. It has been an exciting and extremely busy return to school for all members of the LAB community. 

Year 7

Our wonderful and excited year 7s have made a fantastic start to their secondary school career. They have transitioned extremely well and were soon demonstrating the LAB values in their day to day habits. They have fitted in  with the rest of the Airy community and have shown phenomenal growth in the past 7 and half weeks. Year 7 Airy students have topped the leaderboard for attendance with an impressive 97% attendance over this moulde. A huge personal well done to Kitty in 7C for gaining the most amount of merits in Module 1 across the entire Academy with a total of 52! 

Year 8 

Students across Y8 have been working hard to be positive role models to our new Y7’s as well as many students who have helped out at open day events and tours. Y8 Airy students are avid readers, with year 8 Airy students having taken out the most amount of books from our library this module. A few special mentions in Y8; Riley in 8C for consistently demonstrating impressive scholarship and ambition.  Reed in 8C for his kindness and being such a wonderful ambassador in welcoming new students to LAB. Finally I have to mention 

Ashira in 8F, for her phenomenal rap that she performed for the Proud to be Showcase. 

Year 9 

Starting their third and final year of the MYP,  year 9 students have approached their curriculum with greater depth. Already we have had so many positive questions and discussions regarding GCSE options as they look up to their Y10 counterparts. Year 9 students across the Airy college have topped the merit leader board as Y9s gained the most amount of merits in this module with an impressive total of 985 and 9C winning the highest number of merits in a tutor group with 556! – Miss Stewart is very proud! 

A special mention to Airy Y9 girls, Arwen, Poppy, Evelina, Layla , Princess and Ruby for taking part in a much awaited Netball fixture on 19th October . They, along with their Y9 LAB teammates played four matches against other local schools. They won two, lost two. The girls demonstrated the LAB values throughout the tournament. It was commented on how well they represented the Academy. Thank you also to Miss West for arranging, coaching  and taking the students. 

Year 10

Our Y10 students have continued to impress all LAB staff with their commitment and mature approach to the start of the GCSE’s. It has been wonderful to see how positively students across year 10 interact and collaborate across colleges following last year’s year group and college bubbles’. Students are regularly attending study sessions as well as participating well in after school clubs and societies. Helping to maintain and promote positive wellbeing and success. Unfortunately an area for improvement for Y10s has to be arriving on time for lessons. Punctuality can have a detrimental effect on learning as well as an impact on overall attendance percentages. We are hopeful to see this improve as we move into M2. A reminder that all students are expected to be onsite by 8:30am when the gate closes. Any students arriving after this time will receive a late detention. 


We are pleased to communicate that the vast majority of our students arrive at the Academy looking smart in their full uniform every day, ready and eager to learn. 

However, as the weather changes and temperatures decrease, we felt it useful to remind all about our expectations relating to uniform. 

  • Our navy blue blazer with academy crest;
  • Steel grey classic trouser or pleated skirt;
  • White button up shirt;
  • Leigh Academy Blackheath college or founders tie;
  • Plain navy or grey socks;
  • Black leather shoes with plain laces (coloured laces are not permitted).

Students are not permitted to wear make up, jewellery or trainers. 

A reminder that, on those days when they are timetabled to have PE, students should come to school wearing their PE kit. On days where your child does not have PE, your child is expected to wear the school uniform as per the guidance.

You may also recall that, as part of their equipment this year, we have asked your child to bring in a water bottle. We place a  strong emphasis on the importance of a healthy lifestyle at LAB and thus do not permit students to bring sugary, fizzy or energy drinks onto the academy site.

These will be removed from students and can be collected at the end of the day from college teams. 

Mobile Phones:

As you are aware mobile phones are not permitted to be used on the academy site. If seen, they will be removed, and parents or carers will be called  to collect. Should a child need to contact home during the day, they can do so through the main office.

Lateral Flow Testing:

A reminder that your child is required to take two lateral flow tests per week. We advise one on a Sunday and one on a Wednesday. Please immediately notify the Academy if you have a positive test result. 

Extracurricular activities:

Over 50% of our LAB students attended one of our 32 after school clubs or societies over the past module. We believe strongly in providing our students with enriching experiences and have been overwhelmed by the commitment from staff and students in the wide range of activities on offer and regular attendance. An updated timetable will be launched in module 2. We look forward to welcoming as many students as possible. 

BHM Proud to be Showcase

As you are aware from Miss Nuttalls letter earlier this month, we have been celebrating Black History Month through tutor time sessions dedicated to the theme of Proud to Be.  Our Cucina restaurant has spoiled us with cooking a menu including foods from Nigeria, the Caribbean and South America,  our music students learning pieces written by black artists. Additionally, we have run a film club, promoted a huge number of new books in our library and ran assemblies on the theme Proud to Be. 

As part of the Proud to Be campaign students have been exploring aspects of their identity and highlighting what they are Proud to Be. This has included studying poems and music written about identity.  This week students performed at our first ‘Showcase’. Many of our Airy students took part by performing musical pieces, drama performances  and creating their own poetry/ readings about identity. A huge thank you to Miss Coupe for arranging such a thought provoking and inspiring event. We continue to be extremely proud and surprised by our students every day. 

Finally I would like to wish our Airy students and families a safe and restful half term, We are looking forward to welcoming you back in Monday 8th November for the start of  module 2 


Yours faithfully,

Ms C Lindars 

Head of Airy College, Vice Principal