7A and 7D Successes this Module 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I wanted to mark the end of module one and the start of the half term holiday by sharing with you the many successes Fawcett Year 7s have had so far. I imagine that, like us, you cannot believe that your child’s first half term in secondary school has come to an end so soon. The Fawcett College team has been incredibly proud of how well 7A and 7D have settled in at LAB. Their tutors Ms Young, Ms Gilmore and Ms Thomson were also incredibly impressed with the resilience they have shown as well as their scholarship and ambition throughout a lengthy and tough module. They have done an excellent job at rising up to the challenges of Year 7. 

We are also incredibly proud of 7A and 7D’s attendance and behaviour over the module. 7A has had phenomenal attendance with 23 students achieving 98 – 100% attendance over the past eight weeks. We recognise that this is no easy achievement and celebrated theirs and others’ success in assembly this week. 7D were close behind with a significant number of students having 100% attendance too. Students’ received certificates marking this achievement and if they manage to keep it up throughout the year will of course be rewarded further. 

There was even more success to be shared when looking at behaviour. 7D achieved 176 merits between them, second in the College and 7A a spectacular 220 merits making them the College winners. Well done to 7A! The challenge is now on to see if 7A can retain the top position or whether 7D or another Fawcett tutor group will beat them to it in the next module. Merits are awarded to students who demonstrate our values of ambition, respect, integrity, resilience and scholarship. We never advise students to ask for merits outright but instead demonstrate that they deserve to be awarded them through their classwork, homework and conduct. 

Yesterday we held our Proud to Be Showcase in the Theatre. This was the culmination of a three week project which students had worked on in tutor time; it focused on the theme of identity and Proud to Be as part of our Black History Month celebrations. The set list for the Showcase included an impressive number of Fawcett Year 7s; some of whom performed poems about what they were Proud to Be and others who performed songs. Well done to Mia, Femi and Harvey for their fantastic performances and for the resilience and ambition you showed in performing in front of so many staff and students. We also had a huge number of beautiful pieces performed in tutor time during the week and will be displaying these within the College next module. 

I’d like to remind parents and carers that your child will have homework over the half term break and that this would also be a good opportunity to check that they have all the equipment that they need ready to start module 2. Every Tuesday we hold a tutor time equipment check and we will begin to be more rigorous on this next module with Year 7 students being issued with detentions if they do not have all of their equipment. This includes a physical reading book, a fully charged chromebook and a water bottle as well as many other items which should be in their pencil case. 

We return to school on Monday 8th November ready to start module 2 at the usual time. Students must be in school by 8.30am or they will be issued with a late mark and a 15 minute, on the day, detention. In the meantime, I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful Half Term break and I look forward to welcoming your child back to school then. 


Yours sincerely, 

Ms E Nuttall 

Vice Principal – Head of Fawcett College