Jeans for Genes Day

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Re: Jeans for Genes Day: Monday 13th September 

On Monday 13th September we will be celebrating Jeans for Genes week with a non-school uniform day. We ask students to wear their jeans and make a donation to help improve the lives of children with life-altering genetic disorders. We do not expect children to wear their school uniform on this day. 

1 in 25 children in the UK are affected by life altering genetic disorders. We hope to raise at least £500 which will help fund specialist equipment such as walking frames, specialist car seats, hoists and buggies. This equipment will allow those whose mobility is limited by their genetic disorder to participate more actively in family life. 

We ask children to donate £1 if they attend in non-school uniform. This can be paid via Parent Pay or alternatively children can bring £1 to school and their tutor will collect money from them during tutor time. 

Thank you for your support with this important cause, 

Best wishes,  

Ms E Nuttall
Vice Principal
Head of Fawcett College