Library Opening – Sancho College

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are pleased to announce that we are finally able to begin opening up our library to the student body.

Given this, we felt it pertinent to inform you of the expectations we have put in place to ensure that all can continue to enjoy both the library and its resources.  

As with public libraries, we ask that when students are enjoying this space, they adhere to the following:

  • Talking quietly (no louder than a whisper);  
  • When browsing, returning each book to the proper place; 
  • Using the computers available for homework or private study only; 
  • Returning borrowed books on time;
  • No food or drink to be permitted in the library. 

At present, we are only allowing students to borrow one book at a time. However, going forward, once students become used to the aforementioned routines and expectations, they will be able to borrow multiple books and reserve these in advance.

Please know that if borrowed books are not returned after several reminders (following the due date), we may issue fines through ParentPay in order that we can repurchase the book borrowed for others’ enjoyment.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 safety measures, we have implemented a timetable of access to the library for all college bubbles. Our day cleaners and site staff carry out the necessary cleaning protocols to ensure any risk of transmission is kept to a minimum.

Finally, as an authorized IB World School for the MYP, we continue to place a strong emphasis on both our students’ vocabulary acquisition and their intercultural understanding. We are, therefore, seeking further recommendations from our students, parents and carers, for fiction and non-fiction titles written both in English and other languages. 

Please send any recommendations you may have to All suggestions gratefully received!

Yours faithfully,


Mr D Morrison

Head of Sancho College 

Vice Principal