Food Technology lessons for Year 7, 8 and 9

Dear Parents/Carers, 

We are thrilled to announce that your child will be starting their first Food Technology lessons and will start after Ramadan with the opportunity to use our brand new kitchen! 

Students will not only be developing their culinary skills but also practicing their self management skills whilst working in the kitchen.  Students will be will be completing the following project:

Year 7 – will make healthy fruit smoothies exploring a balanced diet and nutrition as well as seasonal food production and sustainability.

Year 8 – will explore street food by making flatbread from scratch and customising them according to different cultures around the world. We will also explore the environmental impact of meat production. This will be part of a trust wide project assessing all criteria as part of the MYP.

Year 9 – will be exploring food around the world. Each student will make a rice dish inspired by the country of their choosing. We will explore how food cultivates community and appreciate the value in experiencing food from different cultures. 

In order to carry out these activities in a COVID safe environment we will provide all ingredients required to carry out these practical lessons however we do ask that you contribute a donation of £2 toward the cost. This will be set up for you to donate via Parent Pay. 

We also ask that students bring in their own tupperware box to bring home their delicious outcomes for you all to enjoy! This will also help us to minimise our usage of disposable packaging. Students will be able to store their food in the fridge to collect at the end of the day. Please notify us of any allergies we are not already aware of.

We are so excited to get started with our food modules, and test out our new equipment with all of our students. We also thank you for your continued support. 


Kind regards, 

The Design Team.