World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March, the students and staff of Leigh Academy Blackheath celebrated World Book Day: as a school, we raised over £121.68 for UNESCO: a charity which promotes the enjoyment of books and reading, particularly amongst children living in countries with relatively low literacy rates.

It was a lovely day, with students celebrating some of their favourite literary characters from the Mad Hatter to Piggy from Lord of the Flies and Brutus from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in colourful and creative ways. The day was punctuated with staff reading a range of subject-specific short stories at the start of lessons; and at break and lunch, over £50 was raised at a tombola where over a dozen critically-acclaimed children’s books were won.

For a school that celebrates reading – and its transformative rewards – as systematically as LAB, World Book Day constituted a joyful opportunity to express this in as fun, varied and creative a way as the books our students enjoy.

We at LAB would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parent[s] and carer[s] who contributed so much to costume-making, in order that our students were able to express their love of literature so vividly.